Festival of Speed

Look at that grill! Ryan and I enjoyed a trip to Festival of Speed (on the Thursday, so no one good was there). It was my allotted outing of July, I have since been confined to the house for essential DIY until Sept.Read More

New York – Dec ’13

P1020367 So, the wife and I went to New York City in December for a cheeky spot of xmas shopping and sightseeing - just before the polar vortex hit, but it was still bitterly cold! Whilst we were there we took in the Statue of Liberty and walked up the 377 stairs to the crown which was epic, and we went to USS Intrepid to see some awesome (snow covered) planes!Read More

New Olympic (ish) T-Shirts

In honour of Billy Morgans infamous BBC interview after his awesome Olympic Slopestyle final on Saturday I’ve created a couple of new t-shirts! Available in multiple colours and in Mens and Ladies styles – only £15 each!

Check out the Garfey.com shop for more details - http://garfeydotcom.spreadshirt.co.uk/

huck htis

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Supercar Sunday

Forgot to put these up when we actually went!! Had a nice ride on the 636 to Goodwood and back with the lads for Supercar Sunday – saw some lovely cars, and took pictures of them too!

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ToI 11-06-13: Apple, Xbox, PS4 & Star Wars.

tales_of_interest I've got some good stuff for you today as yesterday seemed to be a very busy day in the Tech world with Apple, Microsoft and Sony having press conferences about new products.Read More

Hunters Lodge Ride


Another week, another ride! This time to Hunters Lodge, Wincanton. Myself and some of the Kawasaki Riders Club (KRC) people attended, as well as some members of the Short Way Round.

I was running late (due to a late house viewing – not my fault) and missed the group at the services, but managed to catch them up just before we got to Hunters.

Turned the camera off on the way home as I was annoying me too much, plus it was getting dark!.

Yes I know I’m looking down for the first half of the vid but it gets better after that!

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Happy Star Wars Day!

starwars Happy Star Wars Day - May the 4th be with you! As some of you may, or may not know.. I am a bit of a fan of Star Wars, so today we have some Star Wars themed randomness..Read More

Iron Man 3 Review – Spoiler Free

iron-man-3 Spoiler Free Iron Man 3 review. Well, wifey and I nipped out for an Orange Wednesdays special last night to see Iron Man 3 in 2D, as we actively avoid 3D films. We recently watched 1 & 2 again, so it was all quite fresh in our minds. Read More

JFKFC, Kite Photography & the new Xbox

tales_of_interest Hello and welcome to another Tales of Interest - The post of random things I've found on the internet over the last week. This week we have, Kite photography, JFKFC, Pixar, and Cats where balls should be!Read More

Silverstone 21-04-13

Silverstone On 21st April, Kawasaki organised the World of Kawasaki event at Silverstone Circuit. They hired out the Stowe complex and put on a great day of activities!Read More